mortgage protection

Mortgage Protection

Your home is one of your most important assets

Mortgage Protection

Your Home is probably the biggest investment you have made

In most cases, mortgage protection is a legal requirement. Even if there are exceptions to this legal requirement, the lender will typically insist on the cover.

As your Financial Broker we can get you the best quality cover at the most competitive cost, from across the Life Companies with which we hold Agency agreements.

​Remember, you are not obliged to deal with the bank who gives you the loan. In fact it is illegal for a bank to offer you a mortgage on condition you complete insurance with them.

At its most basic, mortgage protection is life insurance that parallels the outstanding mortgage. The cover diminishes alongside the loan (taking assumptions about maximum interest rates on the mortgage over the term).

​Protecting you & your Family

If you or your spouse die, the loan is cleared.
If you are young, you should consider convertible term; this cover stays the same over the mortgage term and you can extend the cover at the end without health evidence.

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